Hazem Farouk


Youm7 Takes Back Its False News and Confirms Hazem Farouk Will Not Enter the Run-off

Youm7.com noted that Hazem Farouk from the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) parliamentary bloc withdrew from the runoff.

MB to sue The Youm El Saba paper for inaccurate allegations

Muslim Brotherhood MP Dr Hazem Farouk has denied recent rumours which alleged that he would compete in the runoff despite the group’s decision to boycott.

MB MP: Hostility by SS will not deter us from performing our Duty

Headquarters of MB MP, Hazem Farouk, running for the 2010 parliamentary polls, has witnessed an unusual rush of people from his constituency at Al-Sahel, Cairo to receive services and support

MB MPs denied voting cards by the Egyptian Authorities

The Nasr City Police Station denied requests by Muslim Brotherhood MP Essam Mokhtar, to receive a voter ID card, on the grounds that he belongs to a politically banned organization.

Egypt: National political powers threaten civil disobedience

Hassan Nafaa, general coordinator for the National Association for Change urged Mubarak's regime to respond to the public's peaceful demands for change, cautioning they could face popular uprising if they

One Belgian and 13 Gazans to sue Israeli officials for war crimes

A Belgian doctor of Palestinian origin and 13 other Palestinians from the Gaza Strip hired two lawyers to file lawsuits against 14 Israeli politicians including Ehud Olmert, Ehud Barak, Tzipi

Attorney General investigates Netanyahu’s arrest complaint

A committee headed by the Attorney General began its investigations to the complaint submitted by 52 Egyptian public figures on June 4

Egyptian MP: Security Services’ seizure of Freedom Convoy an act of piracy

-- Egyptian parliament member, Hazem Farouk, described Egyptian security service officers' decision to prohibit the Freedom Convoy, which carried such aid materials as iron, cement, and brick, from passing through

MB and opposition delegates enter Gaza without aid

Egypt's authorities agreed to the entry of the MP delegation including MB members Dr. Mohamed Beltagy and Dr. Hazem Farouk into Gaza after confiscating the aid they had with them

Israeli troops point gun at one year old demonstrating further cowardice

Many reports surfaced as detained activists were released after the Israeli military attacked the Freedom flotilla sailing to Gaza with tons of aid earlier this week .