Health Ministry


Health Ministry calls on donors to check with it first

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza called on all countries and civil society organizations which provide medical contributions, to check with it to determine the medicines required by Gaza’s

Health ministry warns of humanitarian disaster in Gaza

Palestinian health ministry has warned of a humanitarian disaster in the Gaza Strip as a result of the continued power outages that threaten the stoppage of hundreds of medical equipments

Egypt: Bird flu may be down but not out

The number of H1N1 influenza patients has fallen sharply in Egypt since the start of 2010, but health officials say they are bracing for a second wave of infections.

MPs accuse govt of pushing unsafe H1N1 vaccine

Gamal el-Zeini, MP for the ruling National Democratic Party, criticized the Health Ministry in Monday's parliamentary session for encouraging the public to take the vaccine against the H1N1 virus, or

Haneyya: We are keen on improving the health sector in Gaza

Palestinian premier Ismail Haneyya stated Sunday that his government is keen on improving the health sector in the Gaza Strip by all means available in order to alleviate the citizens’

Health ministry denies website report on H1N1 in Gaza

The head of ambulance and emergency in the health ministry has denied reports published by Palestine our home website that claimed the swine flu cases in Gaza Strip had risen

Palestinian doctor dies from swine flu in Gaza

A Palestinian doctor on Tuesday was proclaimed dead due to his infection with swine influenza in the Gaza Strip making him the fourth victim after three others earlier died from

Health ministry: 141 types of medicines and medical items out of stock

The department of pharmaceutics at the health ministry in the Gaza Strip has announced that a big number of medications and medical items were out of stock in its stores.

227 Swine Flu Case in Egypt’s schools and Universities

Egypt’s Health Ministry today announced the detection of 72 additional swine flu cases. 52 cases alone were detected in schools and universities in the governorates of Cairo, Helwan, Giza, Kafr