Health Release


New reports of health care negligence in Wadi-Al-Natron prison

Aslan's lawyer, Atef Gouda, relayed to "Ikhwanweb", that the prison doctor was very disturbed about the health deterioration of Aslan and he informed the competent authorities of the situation.

MB released on deteriorating health reports

MB detainee Maher El Shamy was released after reports disclosed his health was deteriorating.

Ruling regime defies parole release for MB detainees

Prosecutors have ruled in favor of parole release of 13 MB detainees who were served harsh sentences by a military tribunal in 2008. Authorities however have challenged the verdict in

Health situation of MB detainees deteriorate

MB Makram Okba, El-Shami’s lawyer, asserted that authorities ignored the situation and did not take any positive action to offer the necessary health care needed

Egypt: Detained MB Dr Elewa faces more health complications

Tora Prison hospital has referred Dr Mohamed Saad Elewa who was arrested early February to Manial Hospital due to complications to his health owing to inappropriate medical equipment in the

Doctors examine Elewa to determine condition

Prosecutors are expected to decide on Dr Saad Elewa's detention after his earlier transfer to the Prison's hospital without medication caused complications