Health Minister: Full Hospital Security Top Priority

Egypt’s newly sworn-in Minister of Health pledges permanent and reliable solutions to the problems of attacks and assaults against doctors and staff inside the country’s hospitals.

MP has second thoughts on his request to discuss contaminated drinking water.

MP Hosny Badawy, Head of the Housing Committee in the Shura Council, collected signatures to initiate the discussing of the contamination of drinking water and its impact on public' health.

Preparations for the release of Dr Mahmoud Hussein and Dr Mohamed Kamel due to health

State Security transferred Dr Mahmoud Hussein from the Muslim Brotherhood's Executive Bureau and Dr Mohamed Kamel from the Brotherhood's governorate administrative office to their headquarters in Assuit preparing them for

Possible cases of “Swine Flu” behind bars in Egypt trigger fear of epidemic.

The appearance of H1N1 (Swine Flu), in Egyptian detention, prisons and places of confinement has been brought to the attention of authorities where necessary precautions have to be implemented.

Pharmacists Syndicate hold the Egyptian pharmaceutical company responsible for the smuggling of “Tamiflu”

The statement emphasized that Dr Ahmed Ramy from the Syndicate demanded that the Egyptian pharmaceuticalcompany must be held accountable for the smuggling since the only possibility for the drugs to

8 cases of Bird and Swine Flu in Kafr el-Sheikh

Al-Hemiat Hospital in Kafr el-Sheikh held 8 people in quarantine as they were suspected of being infected with the H1N1 (commonly known as swine flu) and bird flu.