IOA turns West Bank villages into toxic waste dump

Israeli companies are dumping their chemical waste in the West Bank instead of moving them to the Negev where a special location was allocated for chemical refuse because of its

Israeli Arabs urged to try ‘reverse discrimination’ against Jews

A leading Arab human-rights lawyer in Israel has suggested a novel and provocative approach to dealing with routine discrimination practised by Jews against Israel’s Arab minority: Arabs should start discriminating

Israel and the “delegitimization” oxymoron

Alan Hart argues that in law the foundations upon which Israel claims legitimacy do not actually exist and that “only the Palestinians could give it the legitimacy it craved”. He

Israel: total boycott against total occupation

Antoine Raffoul argues that as the Israeli occupation is total and is sustained with the help of almost every institution and enterprise in the country, so must the boycott of

Israel unveils “green” strategy to defeat enemies

Under cover of a sudden interest in developing new green technologies, and with strong support from US neo-conservatives, the Israeli government hopes to weaken the Gulf states by making their

Netanyahu’s Ring and the Legitimacy of Zionism

The Prime Minister of Israel was dispensing noxious fumes in a speech to AIPAC, the pro-Israeli lobbying conglomerate that is considered the single most effective arm-twisting organization in Washington.

IOA to start building 1,600 housing units in OJ next September

The Israeli occupation authority is to start building 1,600 new housing units .

Qaradawi urges summit to embark on withdrawal of Arab peace initiatives

Dr Yusuf al-Qaradawi chairman of the International Union for Muslim Scholars pushed for the upcoming Arab League summit scheduled for the end of this month in Libya’s capital Tripoli to