FJP Press Release # 48, Results of North Cairo First District Rerun

The HEC announced the results of the winners competing for the party list and individual seats in the postponed first phase in the North Cairo First district.

FJP Denies Coordinating With Candidates Outside DA in the Runoff

Elections kicked off in the runoff for the third and last round of the parliamentary elections Tuesday morning.

FJP Statement No. 40, Last Elections Phase Ends with 50% Turnout

The first round of the last phase of the parliamentary elections ended following a large turnout of voters reaching 50% or more in some areas.

FJP Press Release No. 32, Second Phase Run-off Results

38 FJP Candidates Secure Seats, Results of 3 Electoral Lists and 3 Individual Seats Postponed

FJP Press Statement No. 30, 2nd Phase, Last Run-Off Day

Elections continue for the second phase in the second and last day of the parliamentary individual seat run-offs. Turn-out ranges from low to moderate in some stations with higher attendance

Suez Results, Lists, 2nd Phase of Egypt’s Parliamentary Elections

The HEC announced the official results of the 12 competing electoral lists of the second phase of Egypt’s parliamentary elections in Suez in the districts of, Al-Arbeeen, Al-Ganayen, Suez, Faisal,

Administrative Court Looks into Annulling Rigged Parliament

The Supreme Administrative Court will examine on Tuesday a lawsuit filed by the former opposition and Muslim Brotherhood MPs and candidates in the recent parliamentary elections, and will appeal against

Close to 6000 Appeals and Lawsuits Threaten “Fraudulent Parliament”

The number of cases and appeals against the 2010 parliamentary elections reached 4299 lawsuits including 1426 cases in the Supreme Administrative Court alone.

Tensions Rise between Judges and the HEC

A request has been submitted by Mohamed Mikki of the Supreme Judges Council calling on the High Elections Commission to prepare a report on judicial monitors during Egypt’s recent parliamentary

Rights Groups: Less than 5% of Egyptians Vote in Runoff Elections

Turnout for Sunday's parliamentary election runoffs did not exceed 5 percent, local and international human rights organizations said on Monday.