An Interview with Dr. M. S. Habeeb, the First Deputy Chairman of MB

The Zionist aggression on Lebanon was planned even before the military action of Hezbollah in the south; Hezbollah killed some Zionists and kidnapped two soldiers. This military action was just

Interview: The Koran and Islamic extremist movements

Two types of Islamic movementsThe war between Israel and Hezbollah made it very clear just how deep the radical Shiite group has penetrated into Lebanon, especially in the south. Similar

Interview with Hamas leader Khalid Mish’al

Palestinian Hamas Political Bureau Head Khalid Mish’al has said that developments in Lebanon and the Palestinian territories have given hope that the time is nearing to defeat the "Zionist-US project"

Ghanoushi Criticizes Fatwas Issued Against Hizbollah

Ghanoushi Criticizes Fatwas Issued Against Hizbollah Al-Ghanoushi: Anti-Hezbollah fatwas (Islamic rulings) are not helping Muslim nations and those issuing them should feel ashamed of themselves Since the begining of the