Brotherhood in Syria: Hezbullah, Iran and Undecided World Community Destroy Homeland

Leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria condemns international hesitation as well as Hezbullah and Iran’s intervention against the people’s revolution.

Brotherhood Demonstrations Support Syrian Revolution; Reject Iran, Hezbullah Interference

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood organizes several demonstration rallies in governorates across the country announcing full support for Syria’s revolution and rejection of foreign intervention.

Shura Presser Wednesday Rejects Hezbullah Interference in Syria as Threat to Regional Security

Egypt Upper House calls on Lebanon’s Hezbullah to leave Syria to its brave people and focus on its own resistance and defense of Lebanese territories.

Global Forum of Islamist Parliamentarians: Nasrallah’s Speech Most Provocative

Global Forum of Islamist Parliamentarians criticizes Hezbullah chief Nasrallah’s speech, in which he announced his organization’s commitment to all-out fight against the Syrian people.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement Condemns Hezbullah Involvement in Syria Massacres

Translation of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Statement on the tragic situation in Syria.

Turkey is the Only Middle Eastern Country Pointing Toward the Future

Paul Salem, director of the Carnegie Middle East Center in Lebanon, has said this may be Turkey’s century because it’s the only country in the Middle East actually pointing toward

Opening Rafah border helps ease tension in Middle East

Egypt’s decision to open the border with Gaza at the Rafah border crossing serves to ease tension in the Middle East after a crisis in which Israel attacked a flotilla,

Headlines from the region 29-1-2010

Morocco is a “sign of hope” in a troubled region whose role as stabilizer is valued by the European Union, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said Thursday. “Morocco’s role in

Lebanon: an End to Sectarian Politics?

We must remember that the discrepancy found in parliamentary seats and power, whereby Christians were overrepresented in relation to Muslims and were the politically privileged class, was a significant factor

Iran’s Crisis of Resistance

The "war on terror" was pretty great for Iran's hardliners. The Bush administration's 2002 inclusion of Iran in the "Axis of Evil" was a major blow to Iranian moderates, discrediting