Hillary Clinton


Clinton: US Will Work With Islamists If Elected to Power

Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, threw her confidence behind the ruling Military Council in Egypt during an interview with the Egyptian Al Hayat TV on Saturday, expressing her satisfaction with

Coptic Intellectuals in Egypt Reject US Religious Freedom Report

Coptic intellectual and former MP Gamal Assa'd rejected a US report on religious freedoms which labelled Egypt for the first time as a “country of particular concern,” citing “systematic, ongoing,

How Western Corporations Have Been Helping Tyrants Suppress Rebellions in the Arab World

Springtime in the Arab world is looking bleaker now that despots in Libya, Bahrain, and Yemen and reactionary elements in Egypt have gained an upper hand against the pro-democracy protesters

Public Debt Exceeded the “Safe Limits” in June

Hossam Zaki, , official spokesman of the Egyptian Foreign Ministry, announced that the Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit has asked for aid for the Egyptian economy during telephone conversations with foreign

50 International Organizations Call on Washington to Halt Aid to Cairo

Fifty international organizations called on US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to stop sending aid to Egypt.

Obama: The Time For Change is Now

A recent interview on Fox news with US President Barack Obama stated he was confident that an orderly political transition in Egypt would produce a government that will remain a

Clarifying the Muslim Brotherhood

As Mubarak's regime starts to topple, there is speculation whether the Muslim Brotherhood will dominate the new Egyptian political landscape. It will undoubtedly play a role in creating a new

When Pro-Western Regimes Fall: What Should the U.S. Do?

One month ago, Tunisia seemed quiet, stable. Quiet and stable is generally what Western governments like to see in the Middle East. But Tunisia may be on the brink of

Egypt – Pawn in a Losing Game?

The Middle East is turbulent. In the midst of war, threats of war and oppression, the Egyptian election took place and it was marred by voter intimidation, fraud, and a

WikiLeaks Reveals Nothing Unforeseen in Egypt’s Tough Grip

Despite there being nothing unforeseen in the WikiLeaks revelations or in the reports about the Middle Eastern regimes' conduct in their election campaigns; they do however highlight the struggle between