Egypt Legislative Elections in Three Phases, Under Full Judicial Supervision

As Justice Mohamed Al-Tanboli announces that Egypt’s upcoming House of Representatives elections will be conducted in three stages, the FJP prepares its roadmap of electoral coalitions.

Freedom and Justice Party: All Egyptians are Real Winner of Referendum Democratic Experience

Although modern, post-revolution Egypt’s new constitution has been approved by the people with a comfortable 64% of the vote, the Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing is determined to find common ground

FJP Press Release # 15 – Egyptian Shura Council Election Results

Sweeping victory announced for Freedom and Justice party candidates (party lists and ‘individual’ seats) in the Shura Council elections.

Dr. Morsi Meets with India’s Ambassador

FJP Chairman has stated that candidates for the upcoming presidential elections stand on equal footing as far as the party is concerned.

Katatni’s Full Speech After His Election As Speaker of People’s Assembly

Gentlemen, the great Egyptian people's members of parliament. We must all give thanks to God for His generosity and bounty, His mercy and blessing to the people of Egypt in

Final Results of People’s Assembly Elections, FJP Press Release #54

The High Judicial Elections Commission (HJEC) has announced the final results for the Egyptian People’s Assembly elections, which lasted 55 days and witnessed outstanding, positive participation by the Egyptian people,

FJP Press Release (49), Egyptian Legislative Elections (Third Phase, Deferred Elections)

The first day of the parliamentary elections’ third-stage deferred voting has come to an end in the first constituency of Qaliubiya governorate (Mohsen Yousef Radi, Hani Gad Fahim Gad), the

FJP Press Release No. (38), Day 1, Final Round of Egypt’s Legislative Elections

Polling stations closed their doors, at the end of the first day of the first round for the third and last phase of parliamentary elections, which witnessed a heavy turnout

FJP Press Release No. (29), Second Phase Run-off

Ballot boxes have been closed at the end of this first day of run-off voting for the second phase of the Egyptian People's Assembly elections, which witnessed an average turnout

Egyptian Legislative Elections, (Second Round), FJP Press Release No. (24)

Final results for the first round of the second phase of Egyptian People’s Assembly elections started to roll in, over the past few hours.Evidently, turnoutwas 60% of eligible electoratefor this