Egypt Alliance Calls “Sisi the Torturer” Protest Week

 Since the beginning of the brutal military coup, he has been working his criminal machine to kill Egypt’s finest young men and women, subjecting all perceived dissidents to enforced disappearance,

HRW Urges Egypt not to Cover Up Military Killing of Copt Protesters

The Egyptian military’s intention to control the investigation of the use of force against unarmed Coptic Christian demonstrators during a night of clashes on October 9, 2011, raises fears of

HRW: Retry or Free 12,000 After Unfair Military Trials In Egypt

(New York) – Since it took over patrolling the streets from the police on January 28, 2011, Egypt’s military has arrested almost 12,000 civilians and brought them before military tribunals,

Desperation Replaces Hope as Egyptians Struggle to Fulfill Revolution Demands

Less than six months after the January 25th Revolution – ample time to start the wheels of justice turning, and the transition to civil rule – Egyptians are still waiting

HRW director released from detention

Police released Joe Stork deputy director of Human Rights Watch’s Middle East and North Africa division after he and his translator were briefly detained at police headquarters in Samanoud in

Egyptians’ Tax Money Spent on Improving Image of Egypt’s Regime

With parliamentary elections just round the corner and the presidential elections to follow in 2011 the Egyptian government has embarked on a quest to improve its image.

HRW Calls on Jordanian Government to Protect Political Freedoms

A rally organised by the youth office of the Popular Unity Party was not met with lightly following a decision by Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood offshoot the Islamic Action Front to

HRW calls on Jordan to free student for allegedly insulting the king

King Abdullah II of Jordan was urged by US Human rights watch to free a student who was detained and accused of writing a poem criticizing the ruler.

HRW: Israel’s policy of demolition reached record levels

Human rights watch (HRW) organization said that Israel's demolition of Palestinian homes in the West Bank and the eastern part of occupied Jerusalem reached unprecedented levels compared to five years

HRW and Amnesty call on Egyptian regime to release political prisoners

Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International in a statement called on the Egyptian government to release prisoners who were detained indefinitely.