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Report: Israel killed 22 Palestinians last month

The international Tadamun (solidarity) society for human rights said in its monthly report that Israel killed 22 Palestinians, all of them from the Gaza Strip, during intensive artillery and aerial

Saad El-Din Ibrahim: The Regime Received More than $200 million as Foreign Aid with Secret

Dr. Saad El-Din Ibrahim, human rights activist and chairman of Ibn Khaldoun Centre, stated that the Egyptian regime has received 200 billion dollars as US and European support over the

34 ships to carry aid to Gaza next April

The international campaign for solidarity with the Palestinian people is preparing to send 34 ships loaded with humanitarian relief material to the Gaza Strip by next April, Mariam Zakut, the

Israel’s Persecution of Ameer Makhoul

At any time, from 7,000 - 12,000 or more Palestinians are politically persecuted and imprisoned, including young children.

Eyewitness tells of Israeli attack on Gaza aid ship; rabbi disputes claims

A human rights activist is on Maui to tell her eyewitness account of a May 31 attack by Israeli forces on a flotilla attempting to break a sea blockade of

2 German MPs file complaint against Israel

The human rights activist Norman Peach sided with MPs, belonging to the left, on their filed complaint against "Israel", and included the arbitrary arrest and the attack against civilians, which