Human Rights Groups


Closing Statement of the National Coalition’s Conference to Support Syrian Revolution

In light of the revolution taking place in Syria and in the midst of the Syrian regime's increasing crimes that has exceeded all limits against our people in the homeland,

MB and opposition calls for largest protest

For the third consecutive day Egypt has witnessed nationwide protests with further indications it will continue through Friday.

Gaza inhabitants demand right of visiting their detained relatives

Relatives of Gazan prisoners in Israeli occupation jails have demanded the right of visiting their next of kin after four years of visit deprivation.

Protesters Referred to Trial for Allegedly Inciting Sedition

Eight Muslim activists protesting in solidarity with Christian Copts have been charged with illegal rallying, rioting, damaging public property, and assailing police officers on duty by Egypt’s public prosecutor.

Mubarak disgraces Egypt’s reputation

Mubarak's government in Egypt has played a win at all costs game of parliamentary elections going beyond blatant fraud to violence, intimidation and false arrests.

Down but not Out for the Count – MB Boycotts Runoffs

One big, fat zero! That is what the Muslim Brotherhood is said to have got for their concerted efforts in the 2010 parliamentary elections.

Sunday Is D-Day in Egypt

Despite the violence, arbitrary detentions and determined campaigners struggling against a dishonest, brutal regime, less than half the population of Egypt is expected to take part in Sunday's polls.

Civil society deploys trainings, technology ahead of poll

The upcoming parliamentary elections scheduled for 28 November will not undergo international monitoring after the government declared that allowing such monitoring would undermine national sovereignty.

Human rights groups say Egypt’s poll will be based on legislative and constitutional corruption

A report submitted by The Forum of Independent Human Rights NGOs on Egypt’s elections highlighted that it expected Egypt's parliamentary election later this month will be rigged because of severe

Mubarak assures integrity in elections amid doubts

Despite skeptism by human rights groups, Egypt’s president, Hosni Mubarak, assured the nation that the parliamentary elections in November will be free, fair and transparent.