Human Rights in Egypt


Ibrahim Halawa: EU is Partner of the Human Rights Abuses in Egypt

Ibrahim Halawa, an Irish Egyptian political prisoner who was released  from Egyptian prisons on October 20, 2017 after 4 years in detention,  called on EU countries to stop sending aid

Press Release: Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Abroad Reiterates Long-Standing Principles, Positions

In response to utter lies the media has been broadcasting and circulating over the past few hours about Muslim Brotherhood decisions and positions, we stress the following: First: The revolutionary

Human Rights Organization 10-Point Criticism of Junta Verdict Against President Morsi

Alkarama, rights NGO, condemns flawed prison sentence against legitimate President Mohamed Morsi issued out of jurisdiction, in violation of Egypt's laws and Constitution, and without due process.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on President Morsi Upcoming Court Sentencing Tuesday

 The Egyptian Revolution is at a critical moment where the military junta, having failed to halt the growing protest and peaceful resistance movement, is endeavoring to push the country into

Muslim Brotherhood & FJP Report to UN Humans Rights Council

National report submitted in accordance with paragraph 5 of the annex to Human Rights Council resolution 16/21* By the Muslim Brotherhood and the Freedom and Justice Party of Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Arab Summit

The Brotherhood expresses hope resolutions of the 25th Arab League Summit will practically help Arabs close ranks and work together for common goals.

Amnesty International Demands Release of IKhwanweb Editor, Khaled Hamza and Others

Five supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi were arrested on 25 February 2014 on Egypt’s border with Sudan. They are now being tried by a military court. They have reportedly

Dozens of Children Tortured in Coup Detention Centers and Juvenile Jailhouses in Alexandria

In Kom El-Deka, Alexandria, 50 children are tortured in detention in so-called juvenile "care homes", then dispatched to a notoriously harsh juvenile prison in Cairo.

Muslim Brotherhood: Rabaa Coup False Report Will Never Cover Up the Truth

The Muslim Brotherhood rejects a government report on the coup massacre at Rabaa Al-Adaweya, and criticizes Egypt's National Council for Human Rights which issued the report Wednesday.

HRM Denounces Arrest and Arbitrary Detention of Mrs Manal El-Shamy With Three of Her Children

Human Rights Monitor (HRM) submitted a complaint to the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention regarding the arrest of a mother and three of her children from their house at