Human Rights in Syria


Relaying Human Suffering Can Be Just as Painful as the Victims’

Human Rights Watch volunteers enjoy a close relationship with the people they serve; yet direct contact is both a blessing and a curse, particularly when covering victims of violence.

Nearly 100 Dead in Syria’s Day of Rage

Close to 100 protesters were killed in pro-democracy demonstrations throughout Syria on Friday where casualties have been reported in Homs, Latakia and Rastan, in Syria's latest 'day of rage'.

Syria: Syrian Human Rights Defender Reappears in Adra Prison 40 Days after Arrest

On 23 August 2010, on his way back to Germany from Syrian with his wife and three of his children, Ismail Abdi, a human rights defender of both Syrian and

In Solidarity with Tal Meeting on 2/10/2010, Journalists Syndicate , Cairo

Freedoms committee at the Egyptpian journalists syndicate in cooperation with The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information and a group of Syrian and Egyptian activists will hold a solidarity meeting

How Syria controls its dissidents

RATHER than kicking troublesome figures out, some countries, especially in the Middle East, like to keep them in. In Syria travel bans have been routinely used to prevent people from

A Protest Stand In Solidarity with Tal al-Mallouhi

Tal is a high school student , born on 4/11/1991. On her blog she writes poetry for Palestine. She was arrested by SSI Damascus on 27/1/2009 for her activity on

Robert Fisk: Freedom, democracy and human rights in Syria

Ribal al-Assad doesn't look like the son of a war criminal; fluent English, fluent French, fluent Arabic (of course), fluffy black hair and brown eyes, a youngish 35, Boston graduate,

Female rights activist released from Syrian detention

Sources from the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed that opposition activist Fedaa Horani was released after serving a 30 month jail sentence.

Robert Fisk: The Arabs have their gulags too

We know all about Guantanamo. We know about "black" prisons. You only have to read the evidence from the latest drum-head "trial" at Guantanamo – a man called Khadr.

Urgent Call for the Release of Abdul Hafeez Abdulrahman and Nadira Abdu

SHRC calls for the immediate release of the two activists in Syrian prisons and interrogation centres.