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Urgent Action: The Terror of al-Kaddafi Regime Targets Ezbaidah Family in Tripoli

Human Rights Solidarity (LHRS) and Euro-Mediterranean Federation against Enforced Disappearance (FEMED) are deeply concerned about the wellbeing of the civilian population in Tripoli.

How Western Corporations Have Been Helping Tyrants Suppress Rebellions in the Arab World

Springtime in the Arab world is looking bleaker now that despots in Libya, Bahrain, and Yemen and reactionary elements in Egypt have gained an upper hand against the pro-democracy protesters

MAB Press Release about Libya

The Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) is in agreement with the enforcement of the no-fly in Libya, by Britain and its allies in order to protect Libyan civilians from being

Action: Fears of Massacre in Misurata

Today, Friday 18th March 2011, the city of Misurata, east of the Libyan capital Tripoli, is under indiscriminate artillery bombardment since 7 am local time.

Human Rights Solidarity condemns targeting Journalists

Human Rights Solidarity (HRS) expresses its outrage at the assassination of Ali Hassan al Jaber, a cameraman working for al Jazeera Channel, who was killed in an ambush near the

Security battalion attacks Az Zawiyah Libya

Human Rights Solidarity has reported the grave situation in the city of Az Zawiyah, west of Libya this morning Saturday March 5.

Urgent Action

Reliable sources informed Human Rights Solidarity (HRS) that the Security forces attacking the city of Az Zawiyah, the west of Libya, is using ambulance cars to kidnap injured demonstrators, victims

Urgent appeal

Human rights Solidarity said , it is following the situation in Libya with grave concern , on the violations which the security militias are executing against Libyan citizens, according the

LIBYA: International Community Urged to End Violent Repression of Peaceful Protests

Geneva, 22 February 2011. The World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT) and Human Rights Solidarity (HRS) condemn the unlawful killings of protesters by Libyan security forces amidst protests calling for change,

Death toll rises as Libyan regime cracks down on protestors

In what has appeared to be a domino effect in the Arab world where shaken regimes across the region are bracing a wave of demonstrations inspired by the ousters of