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Pro-Democracy National Alliance Official Source: Still Committed to Peacefulness, Reject Violence

Egypt's broadbased pro-legitimacy coalition reiterates commitment to non-violence and accuses the ruling military junta of causing security chaos.

Independence of the Judiciary Front Supports Human Rights Watch International Investigation

Anti-coup judges' organization affirms popular revolutionary trials for all those involved in August 14, 2013 military massacres that killed over 3300 unarmed protesters.

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami Demanding End of Illegal Trials of Members by Gov’t

The acting Ameer of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, Mr Maqbul Ahmed issued the following statement today explaining The reason why Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami is demanding the scrapping of the war crimes tribunals and

Aza Al-Garf, Strong Voice in New Parliament Advocating Women Rights

During an international press conference following the 2010 parliamentary elections which were marred by vote-rigging and before the January revolution, Muslim Brotherhood (MB) candidate for the women's quota Aza Al-Garf

HRW: Retry or Free 12,000 After Unfair Military Trials In Egypt

(New York) – Since it took over patrolling the streets from the police on January 28, 2011, Egypt’s military has arrested almost 12,000 civilians and brought them before military tribunals,

Relaying Human Suffering Can Be Just as Painful as the Victims’

Human Rights Watch volunteers enjoy a close relationship with the people they serve; yet direct contact is both a blessing and a curse, particularly when covering victims of violence.

Syria: Arab States Should Push for End to Killings

Arab countries should join international efforts to establish an independent international inquiry into the Syrian government's use of lethal force against peaceful protesters, Human Rights Watch said today.

Crackdown on a number of Human Rights associations and disappearance of Egyptian, American and Algerian

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information and the Egyptian Association for the Advancement of community participation Announcing its their deep concern for the lives and safety of “Ahmed Seif

Human Rights Watch Report Accuses Egypt of Discrimination

The US based Human Rights released its annual report for 2010, accusing Egypt of widespread discrimination against Christians and other religious minorities.