Humanitarian Law


Stonewalling Goldstone

On September 15, 2009, the UN Human Rights Council's (HRC) Goldstone Commission issued its findings on Cast Lead, Israel's war of aggression against Gaza, inflicting enormous loss of life, thousands

Committee of Independent Experts on Gaza War

the UN Human Rights Council's independent fact finding Committee issued its report titled, "No Safe Place," (Read report here) assessing "investigat(ions) and report(s) on violations of human rights law and

Munir’s Story: 28 years after the Massacre at Sabra-Shatila

This wall, adjacent to Abu Yassir's shelter is used by Shatila refugee camp tykes for playing ball and other games, unaware that some of their relatives and families' friends were

Committee: Attack on minors in captivity evidence of Israel’s brutality

The supreme national committee for support of prisoners stated that the Israeli prison authorities’ raid against Palestinian minors in the Megiddo prison is clear evidence of Israel’s "barbarism and aggressive

Nicaragua cuts off ties with Israel in protest at attacking Freedom Flotilla

The government of Nicaragua severed Tuesday its diplomatic ties with Israel in response to its deadly attack on the Freedom Flotilla aid convoy bound for the besieged Gaza Strip.

Mishaal: Siege on Gaza no longer acceptable

Khaled Mishaal, the supreme leader of the Hamas movement, has asked the Arab countries having relations or contacts with Israel to sever them at once in retaliation to the Israeli

Falk: Banishing WB Palestinians violates humanitarian law

Falk in a radio statement published on the UN website said that the latest Israeli army decision in the West Bank was in viorlation of the international humanitarian law and

Lebanon, refugees and the UNHCR conundrum

A senior United Nations High Commissioner for Refugess (UNHCR) official said on Friday that the Lebanese government should move toward legalizing the status of non-Palestinian refugees in the country.

Obama with Blood on His Hands

US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan have operated under standing orders to 'call for fire' (an air-strike) whenever resistance fighters take cover in a house or apartment building, even when