Hunger strike


Dr. Essam Al Haddad’s Health Deteriorates in Prison

Al Shehab Center for Human Rights, on its official page on Facebook, condemned the medical negligence and violations against Dr. Essam Al Haddad, Assistant to President Morsi for Foreign Affairs,

El Haddad’s Health Deteriorates in Al ‘Aqrab Prison

The family of Dr. Essam el-Haddad, 64, an adviser to President Mohamed Morsi, confirmed that his health is continuously deteriorating in his detention at Al ‘Aqrab prison  Mona Imam, wife

Statement from Detained Doctor Ibrahim Al-Yamani’s Family

After a hunger strike that lasted more than 574 days in junta jails, the longest in Egyptian prison history, Dr Yamani's health suffers tremendously.

Anti-Coup Detainees in Junta Jails Start January 14 and 15 Hunger Strike

Joining the anti-coup, pro-democracy activities, even while held hostage in the junta's jails in Egypt, political detainees go on hunger strike on the days of the sham referendum on the

Freedom and Justice Party Slams Junta Violations of Prisoner and Detainee Rights

With all the murderous vivid violations of human rights going on daily, against unarmed civilians, since the illegitimate military coup in Egypt, international rights organizations must act promptly or risk

Egypt Junta Arrest Beltagy Son to Force Hunger Strike End

Dr. Beltagy’s son, Anas, is arrested by coup forces on the usual trumped up charges, to force his father to end his hunger strike, now in its eleventh day.

Detained Muslim Brotherhood Leader Beltagy Refuses Hunger Strike Halt

Dr. Beltagy rejects instruction by a coup preacher to stop his hunger strike protesting solitary confinement, inhuman conditions and ill-treatment in detention.

Beltagy after 6 Days of Hunger Strike: Coup Killed Human Rights, Law

As he starts day seven of his hunger strike in the junta’s jail, Dr. Beltagy mourns the death of human rights and the entire legal system in Egypt.

Families of hunger strikers appeal for saving their sons from death

The families of five hunger strikers said their sons may die any moment after their health conditions reached a deadly level and appealed to all human rights organizations to intervene

Ansar Al-Asra: The national division augmented Palestinian detainees’ suffering

Ansar Al-Asra (advocates for prisoners) organization said that the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails suffered during the last four years much more than what they experienced over the past 40