Hunger strike


Wa’ed: Prisoners to go on hunger strike next Saturday

The Wa'ed society for prisoners said that the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails would go on hunger strike next Saturday, which marks the Palestinian prisoner's day, as part of their

Resheq warns IOA of persisting in repressive measures against prisoners

Political bureau member of Hamas movement Ezzet Al-Resheq warned the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) of persisting in repressive measures against Arab and Palestinian prisoners in its jails.

PLC calls for internationalizing issue of Palestinian prisoners

the PLC demanded the Arab League and the organization of the Islamic conference to take active steps in this regard and raise the issue of prisoners at UN institutions

Ofer prisoners initiate protest steps, go on hunger strike

The Palestinian detainees in Ofer prison on Thursday started their protest steps and went on hunger strike, declaring that this step will be followed by other moves in all Israeli

Terror is the price of support for despots and dictators

If an 85-year-old Holocaust survivor had gone on hunger strike in support of a besieged people in another part of the world, and hundreds of mostly western protesters had been

Members of (Lifeline-3) go on hunger strike

AQABA-- Around 100 members of the "Lifeline-3" convoy have gone on hunger strike a couple of days ago and others would follow suit on Sunday protesting the Egyptian authorities' refusal

Detainees threaten to go on hunger strike.

Detained members of the Muslim Brotherhood movement have threatened to go on a hunger strike in objection to the poor conditions and negligence of the administration to detainees in Damanhur's

Headlines from the region

Spain’s deputy prime minister, Mar?a Teresa Fern?ndez de la Vega, has said it is in negotiations with Morocco over the return of a prominent Western Sahara independence activist who has

Alazhar students threaten to go on a hunger strike.

Alazhar University campus has seen chaos and havoc where students have been protesting for the third day running voicing their anger and dissatisfaction.

Monem, 23 Other Detainees To Begin Hunger Strike

Blogger and journalist Abdel Monem Mahmoud and 23 other detained students from the Institute of Agricultural Engineering threatened to begin a hunger