Hussein Ibrahim


FJP: Rebel, Salvation Front Militias behind Killing of Muslim Brotherhood Shalakany in Fayoum

The FJP mourns a Brotherhood member who died Saturday from gunshot wounds after being attacked by opposition thugs last week in Egypt’s central Fayoum governorate.

FJP: June 30 Calls for Armed Violence, not Political Protest as Opposition Make Belief

The Muslim Brotherhood’s FJP condemns flouting of popular will by the opposition which call for supposedly peaceful protest, yet plot for violence, destruction and sabotage.

Hussein Ibrahim: FJP Welcomes National Reconciliation Initiatives that Respect Legitimacy

The Muslim Brotherhood’s FJP welcomes Wassat Party’s initiative Saturday to convene an urgent meeting of political parties and movements to achieve comprehensive national reconciliation.

FJP Secretary Ibrahim: Elected Institutions Represent the Will of the People

The Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the FJP, affirms that those who think they can destroy elected institutions are confused and deluded.

FJP Leader Ibrahim on Sinai Abductions: We Have Full Confidence in Armed Forces, Condemn Blackmailing

While the Muslim Brotherhood’s FJP rejects collective punishment of Sinai Bedouin, it strongly denounces kidnappings and blatant blackmail.

FJP Secretary Ibrahim: Achieving Revolution Goals Not in Standing Against Will of the People

As a group of ‘protesters’ mobilize to oust elected President Morsi, amid gleeful hopeful cheers from certain opposition figures, the FJP reminds that hard work will achieve the revolution’s goals,

Freedom and Justice Party Denounces Violations of People’s Dignity and Human Rights

Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the FJP, condemns as an attack on human dignity alleged physical and verbal abuse of an Egyptian citizen at a Cairo police station.

FJP’s Ibrahim: We Extend Our Hand to All in Order to Build Egypt Homeland

The Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the Freedom and Justice Party, seeks to cooperate with all Egyptians so as to achieve needed progress and development.

FJP’s Ibrahim: Demanding Dismissal of Industrious Ministers Oversteps Popular Will

So-called National Salvation Front changes its mind once again and decides not to join forthcoming parliamentary elections in Egypt, stipulating that certain (dedicated and conscientious) ministers are first sacked in

FJP: People Are Sovereign, Entitled to Demand Institutions Be Purged of Corruption

Popular sovereignty entitles Egyptians to press for urgent reforms to institutions still pervaded with corrupt deep state.