Hussein Ibrahim


FJP, Brotherhood to Join Friday Million-Man Marches to Demand Judiciary Independence and Reform

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood and its political wing decide to join mass marches and demonstrations across Egypt on Friday, April 19 to demand completion of the revolution and its goals.

FJP Secretary: Mubarak Release Decision Shocking; Revolution Will Triumph Inevitably

An Egyptian judge orders release of ousted president Mubarak on bail pending his retrial for killing unarmed protesters.

Global Forum for Islamic Parliamentarians: Myanmar Muslims Suffer Genocidal War

The whole world watches as the Myanmar government uses extremist Buddhists to exterminate helpless Muslims in daily brutal massacres.

Freedom and Justice Party: Violence and Sectarian Strife Require Serious, Constructive Dialogue

FJP Secretary-General Ibrahim warns against igniting factional fights which can only destroy and burn the entire homeland.

Hussein Ibrahim: Egypt’s National Security and Sunni Doctrine Red Line

FJP leader Ibrahim assures doubters that Iranian Shiite tourists are no danger to Egypt or its people.

Hussein Ibrahim: Storming Al-Aqsa Mosque Proves Settlers Racism, Extremism

As extremist Israeli settlers force their way into Muslims’ second most sacred mosque, the so-called strongest army in the world helps the aggressors and arrests Muslim worshipers – hardly the

FJP Secretary-General: Some Try to Discard or Cover Up Cases Public Prosecutor Has Opened

Accepting bribes are certainly the least significant crimes committed by certain individuals who are doing their worst now to remove Egypt’s newly-appointed Public Prosecutor.

Freedom and Justice Party Will Not Accept Police Substitute

While Egypt Muslim Brotherhood’s political arm, the FJP, welcomes public support for the country’s police force, it stresses that no-one can replace the force or take on its essential duties.

Hussein Ibrahim: Islamic Bonds Innovative Instrument for Egypt Economy Advancement

Egypt legislative is preparing a new law for issuance of Islamic Bonds hailed as an important financial instrument that should attract investment funds to take Egypt well out of its

FJP Welcomes Constitutional Court Decision to Amend Elections Law

Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court says certain articles in draft parliamentary elections law require changes before law is finally passed.