Hussein Ibrahim


Brotherhood approves law protecting workers’ rights

The People's Assembly's Plan and Budget Committee agreed in principle to a bill presented by "Ahmed Ezz, NDP secretary general and Chairman of the People's Assembly Planning and Budget Committee

Government rejects recommendation to withdraw from Arab Initiative

During a parliamentary session held yesterday, 32 MB and independent MPs called on the government to withdraw from the Arab Peace Initiative between Palestine and Israel .

MB MP: Emergency Law, instrument of tyranny and oppression

Dr. Mohamed Saad Al Katatni, chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc has criticised the extension of the emergency law

MP’s anticipate verdict for Emergency Law extension

Politicians will assemble in parliament to hear the government's final verdict regarding the extension of the Emergency Law which is set to expire May 31st.

Hostage citizens and failed negotiations prompt parliament clashes

Heated debates took place in Egypt 's parliamentary hearing as opposition called for the discussion of numerous topics.

MB agrees on law to combat human trafficking

The Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc has agreed on the proposed law to combat human trafficking which criminalizes the purchasing, selling, and transporting of any individual.

Hussein Ibrahim in an interview with Ikhwanweb, Our Agenda in the Parliament’s new session

Ahmed Ezz’s Sharp Attack not to no veil as it is strongly recognition with MB MPs’ performance and steadfastness

A special Session for Islamist Parliamentarians to save al-Aqsa

The executive committee of the Global Forum of the Islamist Parliamentarians will hold a special session next month to stop the recent and continuous Zionist attacks against al-Aqsa holy mosque.

Everyone Has Right To Stand For President, MB Bloc Chairman Say

The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary Bloc called on the government to renounce the conditions of presidential election included in article 76 of Constitution, depicting them as unachievable ones.

Ikhwan MPs Hold Gov. Accountable For Death of Ecologists.

“The Egyptian government doesn’t give any care for the scientific researches while devoting all its potentials only for protection of the regime, giving it a priority over anything including scientific