Hussein Tantawi


On the 3rd Anniversary, Pro-Democracy Alliance: Military Responsible for Cabinet Building Massacre

The Anti-Coup broad-based coalition in Egypt asserts the military council is the culprit behind all massacres since the January 25 (2011) Revolution until now, including the Cabinet Building massacre of

Azhar Document and the Democratic Alliance Code of Honor Bases for Constitution Articles

A meeting between Egypt’s ruling Military Council and the country’s main political parties results in agreement on the basic frame of reference for the articles of the first post-revolution national

Senior Judges in Egypt: Field Marshal Not Entitled to Dissolve Parliament

As Egypt’s current military rulers allude at turning against the January 25 revolution, and threaten to dissolve the recently elected parliament, constitutional experts explain why it cannot.

New governors sworn in Saturday

In response to the demands of opposition forces and political activists PM Essam Sharaf removed several governors appointing nine army officers and eight police officers in addition to civilians.

French FM meets with MB and other representatives

During a press conference French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe described separate meetings as fruitful.

Egypt’s Military appoints Judge Tareq El Bishri as head of panel to amend constitution

Egypt's military rulers have appointed a retired judge Tareq el-Bishri, former head of Egypt's State Council to head a committee tasked with amending the constitution to allow for democratic elections