Ibrahim Munir


Muslim Brotherhood Appeal After Grozny Conference Controversy

The Muslim Brotherhood is following with deep sorrow the general state of the Muslim nation after the conference convened in the Chechen capital Grozny on August 25-27, which ignited fires

Muslim Brotherhood Responds to Almesryoon Newspaper Misrepresentation of Deputy Leader

The newspaper Almesryoon Monday (July 25) published a news-story titled "Behind the scenes of Egyptian intelligence penetrating the Muslim Brotherhood", claiming that Ibrahim Munir, the group’s Vice-Chairman, in a statement

Egyptian Community in France Holds Morsi Support Conference

Egyptian communities abroad organize various rallies, conferences and other events in support of Brotherhood candidate Dr. Morsi’s presidential bid for Egypt’s top post.

MB’s Opinion in a Newsletter: Serious Incidents Surrounding Egypt and the Arab World

Arab countries, particularly Egypt, are witnessing tension and serious incidents which threaten to shake the unity of the people, and specifically in Egypt.

MB leaders in International Networking Case to Sue Egypt’s Government before ICJ and British Courts

"Senior Muslim Brotherhood leaders abroad, who were convicted by the Supreme State Security Court in the alleged international networking case.

MB leader Ibrahim Munir: I Will Turn to International Court of Justice to Prove Innocence

Ibrahim Munir, the group's representative in Europe and one of the defendants in the International MB Networking Case, said: "I have appealed my sentence before a British court, which will

A talk with the Muslim Brotherhood’s Ibrahim Munir

Asharq Al-Awsat- In November 2010, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood achieved a ‘zero result’ in the country’s parliamentary elections, having previously held 88 national seats. As a result, the Brotherhood boycotted

Five MB Leaders Served Sentences Ranging up to Eight Years Despite Previous Acquittals

Five senior members of Egypt’s popular Muslim Brotherhood have been unjustly convicted of money laundering and raising funds abroad in what has become known in the media as “The MB

UPDATED: Fifth Hearing of International MB Networking Case Despite Previous Court Acquittals

The Criminal Court of the Supreme State Security headed by Judge Mahmoud Sami Kamel, is expected to look into its fifth hearing in the renowned Muslim Brotherhood networking case no.404

MB trial starts with members in absentia

The trial of four Egyptians and a Saudi national charged with money laundering is expected to begin on June 14 at the emergency High State Security Court .