Esposito, Al-Ahram: The Real Questions for Egypt

In an interview with Ezzat Ibrahim, John L. Esposito*, a leading American scholar of Islamic affairs, examines the aftermath of the upheavals of the Arab Spring and the rise of

Wahabi Imam to burn the Bible in Cairo!

The question is why didn’t the western and most influential mediacomment on this racist and discriminatory incident? The diehard bigots and hypocrite racists who want to burn Quran and smear

Egypt Ranks 143 in Annual Report on Press Freedom

The annual report by Reporters Without Borders has ranked Egypt very low among 175 countries in the area of media and press freedom in 2009

Egypt: Ahmed Abdelradi severely tortured by Aswan police

Ahmed Rajab Abdelradi, a 23 year old chemist from Aswan, was arrested on 12 November 2009, and was later severely tortured while in the custody of the Investigative Branch of

Embracing Human Rights: Islamists Renouncing Violence

Why should we care about the human rights of people who themselves don't appear to respect them? Statements made this week by a former member of an armed Islamic group

MB and Kifaya denounce Regimes’ exploitation of media as propaganda for Gamal Mubarak

There is no doubt that the atmosphere before the match Saturday against Algeria for qualifying for the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa raised resentment and outrage among the Egyptian

Egypt’s ‘Ikhwan’ face hard containment

There are no specific indicators to denote how Egypt perceives the controversy involving Hamas and the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood. Lessons, however, must be derived from this controversy, particularly insofar as

What is New about Al-Qaradawi’s Jihad?

This paper owes its importance to the position of the figure whose views on this crucial concept it attempts to present - that is Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who occupies an

Media Honours Blog about Ikhwan

In General, it seems that Mubarak deals with bloggers like he deals with most dissenting voices - gaols them for a long time. This kind of response by the Egyptian

Ikhwan MPs Hold Gov. Accountable For Death of Ecologists.

“The Egyptian government doesn’t give any care for the scientific researches while devoting all its potentials only for protection of the regime, giving it a priority over anything including scientific