Although this raises legitimate fears amongst the western media, the Muslim Brotherhood denounces labels like “fundamentalist” as the media pigeonholing them, and draw attention to their "15 Principles" for an

Web Watch: Hatred will drive people into online Ghettos

Imagine British Telecom allowed people to call you up and spew religious hatred down the phone. Imagine all your pals received the same phone calls. No-one would blame you for

BBC compares Ikhwanbook to Facebook

The BBC news website commented on the Muslim Brotherhood's, social networking site Ikhwanbook comparing it to the renowned US Facebook.

Facebook closes down Muslim Brotherhood’s account Ikhwanwiki

The US-based social networking site Facebook has shut down the Muslim Brotherhood’s account ikhwanwiki with no right.

Virtual Brotherhood

The National's Matt Bradley has a story on the Muslim Brotherhood's Facebook clone:

Muslim Brotherhood Launches Alternative Facebook

Knowledge “IkhwanFacebook” or "BrotherhoodFacebook" is the name of a new competitor to the popular social networking website Facebook, designed and managed by Egypt’s powerful Islamist opposition movement the Muslim Brotherhood.