Heshmat: No Security, Stability with Blundering Coup Commander

Muslim Brotherhood senior leader Heshmat sums up a full year of general Al-Sisi rule as president of Egypt; and affirms that Egyptians can wrest their rights and freedoms once again

Media Spokesman Mohamed Montaser: Muslim Brotherhood Committed to Non-Violence Strategy

Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman Montaser reiterates that peaceful action is an essential constant of the group's strategy, and that the Brotherhood has nothing to do with ongoing violence in Egypt today.

Freedom and Justice Party: British Government Report Affirms Good Relationship

FJP says there is nothing to shame or incriminate the Muslim Brotherhood, neither in the UK nor anywhere else in the world, as confirmed by a Whitehall investigation which concludes

Egypt Military Court Jails Ikhwanweb Founder Khalid Hamza and 4 Others

A military court sentences 5 Muslim Brotherhood leaders to one-year jail term, including rights activist and Ikhwanweb founder Khalid Hamza.

Egypt Journalist Movement Condemns Military Trial of Human Rights Activist Khaled Hamza

The Journalists for Reform movement criticizes referral of Khaled Hamza to a military court, and demands his release on grounds of ill health.

Rights Activist Khaled Hamza, Four Muslim Brotherhood Leaders in Military Court March 17

Human Rights activist is charged with ludicrous made up crimes, before a military coup, together with 4 Muslim Brotherhood leaders.

Freedom for Khaled Hamza

An honorable, patriotic, moderate rights activist is arrested and detained, described by the military junta as a dangerous criminal.

Human Rights Activist Khaled Hamza Detained at Unknown Location by Coup Forces

Rights activist and founder of the Muslim Brotherhood's official (English) website is arrested and held hostage by coup security forces.

The Court Verdict – An Attack on Democracy Which Will not Undermine the Muslim Brotherhood’s

The Cairo court verdict issued on September 23, dissolving the Muslim Brotherhood Association and freezing its assets, is neither legally sound nor justified in any way.

FJP’s Ashri: Shura Council Enjoys Immunity Under New National Charter

FJP assures that Egypt’s Constitutional Court cannot repeat the costly act of disbanding parliament by sacking the legislative Shura Council protected by the new Constitution.