MB Sites Successful in Forwarding Constructive Arguments

Despite the sham results witnessed in Egypt this year during both the upper and lower house elections, Egypt’s strongest political opposition, the Muslim Brotherhood, proves that it has not limited

AOL: Lively Internet Front Opens in Egypt’s Political War

The Muslim Brotherhood, whose English website is shown above, is Egypt's largest opposition group and has developed one of the strongest Web presences in the country.

Muslim Brotherhood pokes social networking with Ikhwanbook

In another move to further expand their outreach to the public, Egypt’s biggest opposition group, the Muslim Brotherhood, created a social networking website, Ikhwanbook, equivalent to the popular Facebook.


Although this raises legitimate fears amongst the western media, the Muslim Brotherhood denounces labels like “fundamentalist” as the media pigeonholing them, and draw attention to their "15 Principles" for an

Yet Another Facebook Spin-off: Ikhwanbook.com

Ikhwanbook.com is MENA’s new social network funded and developed by Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood that according to the BBC has a “more reserved use of photographs, less intrusion in the personal

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood launches ‘Islamic Facebook’

Egypt's opposition movement, the Muslim Brotherhood, has launched its own Facebook-style social networking site.

Facebook closes down Muslim Brotherhood’s account Ikhwanwiki

The US-based social networking site Facebook has shut down the Muslim Brotherhood’s account ikhwanwiki with no right.

MB website launched to counter ‘Ikhwanophobia’

It seems Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood (MB) opposition movement is trying to coin a new term, “ikhwanophobia,” by launching a website of the same name mixing Islam-related news and commentary with

Virtual Brotherhood

The National's Matt Bradley has a story on the Muslim Brotherhood's Facebook clone:

Muslim Brotherhood Launches Alternative Facebook

Knowledge “IkhwanFacebook” or "BrotherhoodFacebook" is the name of a new competitor to the popular social networking website Facebook, designed and managed by Egypt’s powerful Islamist opposition movement the Muslim Brotherhood.