Muslim Brotherhood creates Facebook alternative

The alternative IkhwanBook mirrors the popular social networking site in most ways.

Muslim Brotherhood launches its own version of Facebook

The Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s powerful Islamist opposition movement, will launch its own version of the hugely popular social networking website Facebook within the next several months, its members say.

Threat to Social Media in Middle East

Internet Service Provider (ISP) plays an important role in blocking/filtering websites. In its role as a licensed ISP and in response to customer requests, ISPs have a clear policy that

Muslim Brotherhood’s mysterious Wikis

The wiki, which is still in its early stages with a little over 1700 accessible articles, provides the Ikhwan perspective of their own history and events in which they were

Zionist propaganda body seeks volunteers to distort Wikipedia input on ME

A Zionist hasbara (propaganda) body based in North America is trying to recruit “volunteers” whose main job is to distort the input of the internet’s most visited websites in Israel’s

In Egypt, Wikipedia is more than hobby

ALEXANDRIA, Egypt: Take it with a grain of salt, or many grains of sand, if you want, when the young volunteers say that every one of the 60 or 70

Wikipedia and Depictions of the Prophet Muhammad: The Latest Inane Distraction

Recently, a new furore has been generated by the Wikipedia entry on the Prophet Muhammad which includes two images of artworks by Persian Muslim artists depicting the uncovered face of

Wikipedia, Prophet Muhammad, and Muslims in need of Islam 101

The most recent non-issue being turned into a major incident by the thoughtless reaction of some Muslims is the Wikipedia entry on Prophet Muhammad. This wikipedia entry contains some paintings