Inheritance of Power


Mubarak sidelines presidential succession issue and opposition’s reform demands

The ruling NDP’s annual convention began on Saturday with what appeared to be early intentions of sidelining and ignoring pressing questions of political reform and presidential succession although his mandate

Elections to Observe in 2011

A recent article in Foreign policy shed light on elections to watch in 2011.

NDP to present Presidential platform after NDP’s 7th Annual Conference

The National Democratic Party (NDP) will begin preparing its platform for the presidential candidate after the seventh annual conference slated for December 25-26.

Mubarak’s Son Denies Wanting Presidency

In TV interviews President Mubarak's son, Gamal denied any affiliation to campaigns supporting him as a potential president candidate.

Political opposition chants slogans amid baton wielded police‏

Demonstrators were beaten by baton wielded police at a protest where approximately 300 Egyptians assembled protesting against what they alleged were plans to the bequeathing of power to the president's

Egyptian dissident signs “informal” Gamal Mubarak’s presedential bid

Egyptian dissident Professor Saad Eldin Ibrahim signed a petition launched by pro-Gamal coordinator Magdy Al-Kordi supporting a presidential run by Gamal Mubarak, the 47-year-old son of President Hosni Mubarak, in

Analysts describe MB as driving force behind ElBaradei’s online bid for political reform

The political reform campaign initiated by could be presidential candidate Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei has been successful in collecting a total of 770,000 signatures.

NAC condemns arrest of 4 petitioners

Dr. Hassan Nafaa, the NAC coordinator condemned the Saturday night arrests of 4 citizens in the Beheira governorate

MB calls on nation to unite against bequeathing of power

Egypt's strongest political opposition the Muslim Brotherhood has called on all political forces to unite in solidarity and resist all attempts by the regime to hand over power to the

Despite denials pro-Gamal posters line Cairo ‘s streets

A popular support Coalition for Gamal Mubarak has been organized demonstrating that the possible bequeathing of power may not have been false allegations after all. Posters of the 47 year