‘Til Death Do Us Part’ – Peeling Power from a Dictator

Going! Going! Gone! That is the word on Mubarak’s credibility and that of his NDP. Pre-election intimidation and changes to the constitution, followed by blatant electoral fraud, followed by a

MB Chairman Demands International Supervision of Elections

MB Chairman, Dr Mohamed Badie, called for international supervision by the United Nations of the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Mideast politics: Egypt on the brink

The king is old and sick, perhaps dying. The queen is said to want their second son as successor. But the old guard in the military and intelligence circles think

Conference on Security Violations Calls for a List of Torture Police

Participants in the conference “Security Violations against Activists”, organized by "El-Baradei as a President Campaign” severely criticized the recent practices of security forces in Alexandria.

Egypt’s election campaign shows change is sluggish, but on the way

No one is holding their breath about the outcome of Egypt's parliamentary elections, which are certain to leave President Hosni Mubarak and his National Democratic Party in charge.

Egypt cracks down on media ahead of elections

With Egypt’s parliamentary elections drawing closer, the Hosni Mubarak government has begun cracking down on the media.

Egyptian Democracy Doesn’t Need Gamal Mubarak

In a recent article for the Foreign Policy Middle East Channel, Tarek Masoud makes the provocative claim that a rigged succession from President Hosni Mubarak to his son Gamal may

Egypt’s new political dawn

The emergence of Mohamed ElBaradei as a political player has led Egyptians to dream of a more democratic society.

MB and NAC to continue Anti-power inheritance protests

Assistant Secretary-General of the MB parliamentary bloc and a member of the National Association for Change Mohamed Al-Beltagy has stressed that the Brothers and the National Association for Change have

An Election Dilemma for Egypt’s Opposition:To Boycott or Not?

All opponents of Egypt's decades-old authoritarian government know that the country's elections are a sham of democracy, but they're divided on how to respond to November's parliamentary elections.