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Egypt Coup Security Officers at Fakous Police Station Beat Political Prisoners; Ban Visits and Food

The junta's security forces attack and brutally assault detainees in Fakous police station, and banned visits and food on Friday.

Muslim Brotherhood Leader’s Eyewitness Account of Aqrab Prison Atrocities

Shehab Center for Human Rights documents a true testimony given by Gehad Al-Haddad's wife, through Muslim Brotherhood leader Dr Essam Al-Haddad's wife, about the lawlessness and violations suffered by political

Aswan Muslim Brotherhood: Coup Authorities Lying; Accused is No Brotherhood Member

After ignoring inter-tribal clashes in Aswan until dozens fell dead and injured, coup authorities lay the blame on the Muslim Brotherhood.

Bishr: Muslim Brotherhood Denounces Police Officer Assassination

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood leader Bishr condemns Tuesday assassination of police general, and places responsibility on government for violent incidents.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Junta Interior Minister Press Conference

The Muslim Brotherhood rejects as utter lies claims, accusations and other misinformation broadcast in the recent Interior Minister press conference in Cairo.

Amr Darrag: FJP Rejects Elections Dates Putschist Foreign Minister Announced Abroad

Egypt’s Freedom and Justice Party says elections dates announced abroad by the coup’s foreign minister are deceitful propaganda: they are far removed from the reality on the ground.

Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Cairo Car Bombing, Rejects Violence

The worst moments of Egypt’s modern history are repeated by putschists desperate to suppress dissent and eliminate Islamists, starting with the Muslim Brotherhood.

FJP Condemns Violence; Hopes Thursday Attack Will Not Be Repression Excuse

The Muslim Brotherhood affiliated Freedom and Justice Party denounces todays’ reported attack on the coup’s minister of interior, and expresses concern that the incident may be an excuse for more

Anti-Coup National Alliance Calls for Boycott Campaign in Preparation for Civil Disobedience

The coalition of groups and movements defending democracy and constitutional legitimacy warns against dragging Egypt into civil war, urging a boycott of hostile military-controlled media and products made by all

Muslim Brotherhood Vows to Continue Peaceful Protests Despite Threats to Disperse Sit-Ins

Claiming to have a ‘popular’ mandate to quash anti-coup, pro-democracy sit-ins in Cairo and other governorates across Egypt, the military-installed Cabinet has authorized Ministry of Interior forces to take ‘all