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Essam El-Erian: Interior Ministry Must Investigate Lynching and Torture Cases without Delay

FJP leader, Erian, stresses that using excessive violence against protesters is a despicable, intolerable crime that must be investigated quickly, bringing to trial all those involved.

Muslim Brotherhood to Participate in Tuesday’s Protests

The Brotherhood confirms participation in tomorrow’s protests across the provinces of Egypt, denouncing the lenient verdicts against Mubarak and his most senior aides.

Former Egyptian IM Eissawy: Banning Brotherhood From Joining Police Academy Injustice

Eissawy: Had Muslim Brotherhood been in charge during Mohamed Mahmoud St. bloody events, they would have defused situation without bloodshed, just like they did when they protected MPs entering the

Recommendations of The Committee on Defense and National Security

The Committee on Defense and National Security (CDNS) ended its emergency, angry session last night by submitting a list of recommendations about recent violent events, including:

Badie Calls For Urgent National Dialogue, Stresses Investigation and Retribution for Port Said Massacre

Dr. Mohamed Badie, Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Chairman, called on all parties in Egypt to urgently convene a conference under the name “Dialogue for Egypt's (6)” in order to discuss the

El-Erian Calls for Prosecution of Minister of The Interior

Dr. Essam El-Erian stressed that, “We need to take concrete steps, as a democratically elected institution whose performance is watched closely by the people”, pointing to the survival of the

MB Head Lawyer: Mubarak Guilty, Deserves Most Severe Penalty

Mohamed Tosson, Muslim Brotherhood (MB) head lawyer, the Secretary General of the Bar Association, and the lawyer representing Martyrs and Victims of the Revolution, affirmed that all the evidence confirms

MB Accuses National Security Apparatus of Crackdown on its Charity Activities

The Muslim Brotherhood accused the National Security Apparatus in Port Said of cracking down on its charity projects during the holy month of Ramadan in the same manner of the

ANHRI: Mubarak Behind Bars Lesson to All Dictators in the Region

Statement by the Arab Human Rights Network Informations (ANHRI), following the opening session of former president Mubarak's trial

Mubarak’s Trial and Errors

Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is expected to go on trial tomorrow for corruption and for ordering police to shoot unarmed protesters in January. By pushing the case forward, Egypt's