Interior minister


Parliamentary criticism of attacking Political Activists

Ibrahim Abu Auf, Muslim Brotherhood MP, denounced the continuous violation of the law and Constitution by State Security Services.

Egypt: MB Chairman slammed with travel ban.

A travel ban has been issued on the Muslim Brotherhood opposition movement's newly-elected chairman, Dr Mohamed Badie, by the Interior Minister.

Heshmat challenges Interior minister in hope of earning Masters Degree.

The Muslim Brotherhood's defense team has filed an urgent challenge against the Ministry of Defense, and the Borg el Arab Prison administrator on behalf of Dr Gamal Heshmat who is

Demands for immediate investigations on the death of Palestinian detainee in Egyptian jails.

The Egyptian Human Rights Organization filed a report to Chancellor Abdul Mageed Mahmoud, Interior Minister, and Mukhlis Qutb Ambassador for human Rights demanding the immediate investigation of the death of

Egypt: Two further cases of extrajudicial killings by security forces

Alkarama has just received news of two further extrajudicial killings by Egyptian security forces. This follows other reports of the excessive use of force by the, such as in the

Physical evidence of torture in Egypt’s police station police as described by victim.

Ghannam Said Mahmoud, a teacher and member of the Muslim Brotherhood in Al-Arish, revealed details of the assaults and torture committed against him by members of the State Security services

who was arrested on March 25?, The Interior Minister denied

The Interior Minister denied issuing a release order for 25-year-old Abdallah Maher Ibrahim, who was arrested on March 25.

No Information About Kidnapped Students Yet: Lawyer

Egyptian Security forces have been launching “summer crackdown against many Muslim Brotherhood (MB) youth. A month ago, about 45 members were arrested in a summer resort. On July 21, 2007,