International Court


What options exist for Netanyahu next time on the high seas?

Richard Lightbown argues that whatever Israel does when the Mavi Marmara sets sail for Gaza on the first anniversary of the murder of aid workers by Israeli commandos aboard the

The Endless Game of Peace

In the newest development concerning peace negotiations between Israel and the PA, Netanyahu has offered to partially extend the fake settlement freeze in exchange for recognition of Israel's Jewish character.

IOF violently suppresses weekly peaceful protest at Nil’in

Yesterday afternoon in Ni’lin, in an act of vandalism and repression, ‘The world’s most moral army’ opened fire with tear gas and set olive trees ablaze as a response to

Barak cancels visit to France for fear of being arrested

Barak's office announced that he decided to stay in Israel and not go to Paris to participate in the annual international military exhibition held in Paris.

Ehud Barak to arrive to France, French activists threaten to sue him

The French peace activists, who participated in the fleet of freedom aid convoy, plan to sue Israel in the International Court of Justice for committing a "war crime" aggression against

Lebanese Islamic Group Confirms Mediating Role in Current Crisis, Urges Lahoud to Resign

The Islamic Group has pressed again for unity and for exerting all efforts of dialogue and consultation among all Lebanese powers.