International Law


Alkarama Report: European States confronted with Impunity

In the face of ongoing impunity across the Arab World, Alkarama has published a detailed report on how to use universal jurisdiction in Europe to prosecute those responsible for torture,

Palestinian civilian wounded, 16 arrested in the WB

A Palestinian citizen was wounded at dawn Thursday at the hands of the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) in Nablus while 16 others were arrested, press sources reported.

Mossad operation threatened against reporter

An Israeli journalist who went into hiding after writing a series of reports showing lawbreaking approved by Israeli army commanders faces a lengthy jail term for espionage if caught, as

Syria condemns Israeli attempt to evacuate the West Bank of its inhabitants

Syria denounced the Israeli occupation authority's (IOA) military order number 1650 that stipulated the expulsion of thousands of Palestinians from the West Bank for being "illegal residents".

IOF troops demolish three Palestinian homes

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Wednesday razed three Palestinian homes in the districts of Bethlehem and Salfit at the pretext of lack of construction permits, locals reported.

Hamas slams Spanish higher court for closing file of Daraj massacre

The Movement of Hamas on Wednesday strongly denounced the Spanish higher court’s decision to close the case of the Israeli massacre committed in 2002 in the neighborhood of Daraj in

Israeli minister threatens to cut off water supplies to West Bank

Israeli minister of infrastructure Uzi Landau has threatened to cut water supplies to the West Bank if the PA did not stop dumping untreated sewage.

The dark underbelly of Israel’s security state

Not a word about the case leaked in Israel until this week when the security services, who had won from the courts a blanket gag order – a gag on

Israel’s choice of lawlessness and defiance

It is becoming manifestly clear to everyone that the United States cannot be the broker for peace in the Middle East, but it can be a participant or consultant to

Europeans for Jerusalem slams final statement of EU foreign ministers

The coalition of Europeans for Jerusalem on Friday strongly denounced the final statement issued by foreign ministers of the European Union (EU), saying that the statement was not up to