International Law


Judicial Committee Supervising Referendum Allows International Organizations to Monitor Referendum

"The Supreme Judicial Commission overseeing the referendum has decided to allow Human rights and civil society groups to monitor the referendum on constitutional amendments," an international human rights organization said.

Supreme Council for Human Rights to Rectify Old Regime’s Mistakes

The Arab-European Centre for Human Rights and International Law in Oslo called on the Supreme Council of Armed Forces to grant amnesty to all political detainees.

Israel rejects international monitors for East Jerusalem demolitions

Senior Israeli officials have rejected the proposal from the EU to deploy international monitors of the occupation authority's demolition of Palestinian-owned buildings in East Jerusalem and the eviction of their

Mizan: IOF killed 14 Palestinians, wounded 38 last month

The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) killed 14 Palestinians including two children and wounded 38 citizens including eight children during the past month of December, the Mizan center for human rights

What options exist for Netanyahu next time on the high seas?

Richard Lightbown argues that whatever Israel does when the Mavi Marmara sets sail for Gaza on the first anniversary of the murder of aid workers by Israeli commandos aboard the

Amnesty International Condemns Church Blasts and Calls for Improved Protection Ahead of Coptic Christmas

Amnesty International strongly condemned the deadly attack on a church in Alexandria which killed 23 and injured scores both including Muslims and Copts during a New Year midnight Mass.

The US national image and its contradictions

Lawrence Davidson analyses the reasons behind the widening gulf between the US national self-image as “the world’s prime purveyor of good government, stability and progress” and the reality of imperial

2010 Backtrack on Mubarak

A quick backtrack on Egypt’s president Hosni Mubarak in 2010 reveals that it has been insightful though controversial.

Farwana: Jewish settlements being used to blackmail children

Palestinian rights expert Abdel Nasser Farwana expressed concerns about Israeli authorities using West Bank Jewish settlements as a place to detain, single out, and violently question children.

Who is the real Barack Obama?

Lawrence Davidson argues that Barack Obama’s transformation from a progressive before becoming president to an anti-progressive president is probably due to his having no firm principles in the first place,