International Law


Obama’s last card – will he play it?

Alan Hart argues that, with the help of pressure from the European Union, US President Barack Obama could be nudged into signalling the end of American tolerance of Israeli crimes

Israel’s war on Jerusalem children: 1,200 arrested in one year

Jonathan Cook reports on the brutality meted out by Israeli police to Palestinian minors, some as young as seven years old, including arrests, interrogation without the presence of a lawyer

Will the Palestinian Authority declare an independent state – or collapse?

The other day I looked back with sadness on how nothing had changed for the better since my last trip to Palestine three years ago.

IOA orders temporary exile of Silwan inhabitant

-- The Israeli police in occupied Jerusalem delivered a notification to Adnan Ghaith, an activist in defense of Silwan lands, ordering him not to approach occupied Jerusalem and its environs

Syria calls Israeli referendum decision disregard of international law

A Syrian official said the law the Israel Knesset passed Tuesday requiring a public referendum for any military pullouts in the Syrian Golan Heights territory and Jerusalem proves Israel’s disregard

Egypt Rejects US Criticism on Religious Freedom

The US State Department's condemnations on Egypt's religious freedom was not met with lightly after officials stressed that the US was in no position to liberally make a judgment on

Can the BBC be trusted to handle its own complaints?

Richard Lightbown describes how his complaint to the BBC about the Panorama documentary "Death on the Med" had been "fobbed off with a variety of excuses and imaginative distortions of

How to anger the pro-Israel lobby

To their eternal shame, Western churchmen seem to care little about the plight of their brothers and sisters in the Holy Land or the fate of the holy places where

Int’l jurist: Palestinian detainees are hostages under international law

-- International law expert Hasan Omar stated that the Palestinian detainees in Isreli jails are not prisoners, but they are hostages being held by the Israeli occupation state and they

The Secret Iraq Files: The Human Cost

How a secret order given by the Pentagon could have led to the death of a detainee who the US knew was being tortured.