International Observers


The Thrill and Consequences of Tunisia

The whole world is watching Tunisia, and especially the people of the Arab world, which shares in many ways the needs for reform that birthed Tunisia’s popular revolution, notes Rami

European diplomats recommend punitive action against Israel

European diplomats in Jerusalem have filed a report recommending that the EU takes punitive measures against Israel and recognize east Jerusalem as a capital for the Palestinians.

Egyptian regime clampsdown on critics in the lead up to elections

An article in Washington Post discusses the current political situation in Egypt and the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Egypt’s Unobserved Elections

As Egypt heads toward elections for the lower house of parliament on November 28 and the presidency in 2011, Cairo’s officials have got their story straight and they are sticking

Egypt’s election campaign shows change is sluggish, but on the way

No one is holding their breath about the outcome of Egypt's parliamentary elections, which are certain to leave President Hosni Mubarak and his National Democratic Party in charge.

Yousef Munayyer: Israel’s History of Impunity

Last week the government of Israel announced the launch of an investigation into the events surrounding the deadly Memorial Day flotilla raid which left nine activists dead.

Flotilla Check: Facts and Israeli Lies

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has formed an internal commission composed of three Israelis and two, non-voting international observers.