International supervision


Tunisia needs International Supervision for the Upcoming July Elections

Two days ago, Dr. Iadh Ben Achour, head of the Tunisian High Council for Political Reforms and the Achievement of the Goals of the Revolution, announced that Tunisia does not

Judicial Committee Supervising Referendum Allows International Organizations to Monitor Referendum

"The Supreme Judicial Commission overseeing the referendum has decided to allow Human rights and civil society groups to monitor the referendum on constitutional amendments," an international human rights organization said.

Countdown to Polls Reveals NDP Will Stop at Nothing

Hours ahead of the scheduled parliamentary election polls the Egyptian High Elections Commission has failed to implement a court order to reinstate a number of opposition and independent candidates it

Argument Behind Boycotting – to Poll or Not to Poll

A government crackdown on Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood the country’s strongest Islamist opposition group has provided more reason for government opponents to encourage a boycott of Sunday's parliamentary vote.

MB Chairman Demands International Supervision of Elections

MB Chairman, Dr Mohamed Badie, called for international supervision by the United Nations of the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Khudairi: I neither fear nor take into account the consequences

International supervision of Egypt’s elections not a violation of national sovereignty, Khudairi says, as he scoffs at rejection of international intervention