Internet activists


In a workshop on the internet and its role in the movement for democracy

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) hosted a workshop on the role of the internet in the movement of democracy in Egypt and the Arab world. The workshop

Egypt: In Cairo International Airport …Be Careful if You Are A Blogger!

Meanwhile leading NGOs and studies centers all over the world becoming more interested in listening to the Arab bloggers and their digital activism, the Egyptian bloggers have bad luck in

Egypt: Internet activists and “influence”

The use of the Internet in Egypt as a platform for political activism has been the topic of discussion in various political circles and in the media.

Amnesty urges Egypt to free Facebook militants

Amnesty International on Saturday urged the authorities in Egypt to free 16 Internet activists jailed for more than two weeks for "threatening national security."

MB blogs: A Step Towards More Freedom of Expression

After Internet activists, Internet parties and websites which discuss political and social issues which were previously tabooed in Egypt and the Arab world, Egyptian bloggers emerged to discuss various issues