Dr. Suleiman: FJP Denies Knowledge of ‘Anti Cyber Crime’ Draft Law; Not Discussed Such Bill

Cairo – Friday: Translation of the press statement of the Freedom and Justice Party Assistant Secretary-General regarding reports of the FJP publishing an anti-cyber-crimes draft law.

Activists Launch E-Protests Against Military Trials for Civilians

Egyptian activists launched a Facebook campaign with the title "No to the military tribunals for civilians," where they agreed to post their slogan for an hour-long "electronic demonstration" last Saturday

Muslim Brotherhood Youth Launch

A group of young Muslim Brotherhood members launched an entertainment page on the social networking site Facebook titled Ikhwan Cinema, rocketing to almost 9000 fans, and intending to relay the

Activists Turn to FB to Advocate Democracy

Activists on the social networking site, Facebook have launched a page titled “One Million signatures for Elections first”.

UN Report Describes Internet Access as Human Right

Describing the internet as an indispensable tool for realizing a range of human rights, combating inequality, and accelerating development and human progress, Frank La rue presented a report to the

Egypt: The Arabic Network Is alarmed at the Stalling of The Public Prosecutor to Investigate

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information today,was extremely alarmed about the stalling of the Public Prosecutor on investigating the communique filed by ANHRI and its team on 23/2/2011 against

Report finds 85% of people approve of Muslim Brotherhood participation in politics

A new social media analysis report has identified a rapidly growing preference for neo-socialist politics among Arabs who are taking part in the region's revolutionary movements.

How Western Corporations Have Been Helping Tyrants Suppress Rebellions in the Arab World

Springtime in the Arab world is looking bleaker now that despots in Libya, Bahrain, and Yemen and reactionary elements in Egypt have gained an upper hand against the pro-democracy protesters

Reporters Without Borders updates

As governments including Egypt and Cameroon make headlines for shutting down internet access, Reporters Without Borders issued a new report detailing other countries where access is at risk.

Online Campaign to Vote

Internet activists launched many online campaigns on the electronic social networking website "Facebook" urging their friends to positively interact and vote "yes "to the proposed constitutional amendments set to go