Invasion of Iraq


Mubarak Denies Tipping Bush on Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction

Egypt rebuffed recent allegations by former US President George Bush who maintained that the Egyptian president had encouraged him to invade Iraq in 2003 on the grounds that it possessed

How Syria controls its dissidents

RATHER than kicking troublesome figures out, some countries, especially in the Middle East, like to keep them in. In Syria travel bans have been routinely used to prevent people from

Speaking out against injustice, disinformation and bigotry

Paul J. Balles recounts how every time he spoke out against injustice, disinformation and bigotry – the Vietnam war, the Palestine-Israel conflict, the aggressions against Iraq and Afghanistan – he

When will Israel attack the USA again?

There lies our national security challenge as the groundwork is being laid for another 911.

Sunnis vote to retain voice in Iraq

The turnout delivered Sunnis their most articulated voice yet on the national stage, seven years after the American-led invasion ended their dominance.

Nothing Has Changed in Iraq

Perhaps the only meaningful statement in the testimony of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair in front of a committee investigating the war on Iraq, is the one that disclosed

Cancer – USA’s legacy to Iraq

Cancer is spreading like wildfire in Iraq. Thousands of infants are being born with deformities. Doctors say they are struggling to cope with the rise of cancer and birth defects,

Chutzpah: Thy Name is Zionism

One might think that with over a million people dead and almost five million others displaced in Iraq—and not a weapon of mass destruction to be found—that Netanyahu might be