IOF Violations


IOF troops clash with Palestinian marchers

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Monday quelled a massive march that started in downtown Bethlehem and toured its streets in protest at the IOF abduction of 11 Palestinians who took

Occupation policemen quell Jerusalem march, arrest 16

Israeli occupation police violently quelled a peaceful march in occupied Jerusalem that started from Bethlehem on the occasion of Palm Sunday, local sources reported.

IOA imposes restrictions on entry to Aqsa

The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) imposed restrictions on the entry of Palestinian worshipers into the Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem on Monday.

IOA extends administrative detention of Palestinian scientist

The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) extended the administrative detention of Palestinian scientist Isam Al-Ashqar, 52, for four months as he was lying on his sickbed in the prison hospital.

IOA extends hermetic closure on West Bank

The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) has decided to extend its hermetic closure on the West Bank that started on Friday till midnight Saturday for three more days ending at midnight

IOF soldiers detain civilians including five boys, wound a child

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) rounded up five Palestinian citizens in various West Bank areas at dawn Sunday and detained five boys in Al-Khalil on Saturday.

IOF soldiers kidnap child in Al-Khalil

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) kidnapped a 13-year-old Palestinian girl in Al-Khalil on Tuesday night on charges of "throwing stones" at Jewish settlers near to her home.

Israeli force unexpectedly raids cells of prisoners in Hadarim jail

Special Israeli forces stormed Tuesday the prison wings of a number of detaind senior Palestinian leaders and carried out a surprise inspection on their cells.

Campaign castigates Washington over Gaza buildings

The European campaign to end the siege strongly denounced the US administration for pressuring Israel to allow into Gaza limited construction materials sufficient only for the building of 150 housing

Israeli extremists intend to break into Aqsa Mosque on Passover

A group of Israeli extremists is planning to storm the Aqsa Mosque next week on the occasion of the Passover Jewish holiday and slaughter offerings in its courtyards.