Dozens of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails suffer skin diseases

The International Tadamun foundation for human rights has revealed Thursday that dozens of Palestinian captives in the Israeli jail of Ashkilon suffer skin diseases due to the deliberate medical neglect

Palestinian prisoner smashes her head against cell wall to get rid of pain

Hassan Karajeh of Safa, Ramallah, called on local and international human rights organizations to intervene in easing the suffering of his imprisoned 22-year-old sister, Sumoud Karajeh.

Female prisoner Shirin Issawi beaten by Israeli offenders

The International Tadamun (Solidarity) Foundation for Human Rights, quoting prisoners in Hasharon prison, said that prisoner Shirin Issawi was attacked by a gang of female criminal offenders.

Israel’s abuse of female prisoners on the rise

The International Tadhamun (Solidarity) Foundation for Human Rights revealed that a special Israeli unit spontaneously raided the cells of female inmates in the Damon prison and proceeded in a barbaric

Report: 100 Palestinians kidnapped by Israeli troops last month in Al-Khalil

A report issued by the Palestinian prisoner society revealed that the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) kidnapped 100 Palestinian citizens in Al-Khalil city last June, including patients, disabled persons, ex-detainees and

Death threatens tens of Palestinian captives in Israeli jails

Tawfeek Abu Nai'm, one of the longest-serving Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, has plainly accused the Israeli occupation authorities of deliberately neglecting the Palestinian captives and of exposing their lives

Ahrar: IPA imposes heavy fines on prisoners

Ahrar center for prisoners’ studies said on Tuesday that the Israeli prisons authority (IPA) started to follow a new repressive policy represented in imposing enormous fines on Palestinian prisoners.

Palestinian prisoner dies in IOA jail, Hamas holds IOA responsible

Hamas movement in the West Bank issued a statement on Saturday blaming the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) and the IPA for the death of Hammad in Eichel prison in Beer

IOA refuses to allow a medical team to examine Abul Haija

The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) has refused to allow a team of doctors to check on the condition of Sheikh Jamal Abul Haija, who is serving 9 life sentences plus

IOF detained 3,000 children since Aqsa intifada

The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) have detained more than 3,000 Palestinian children since the eruption of the Aqsa intifada in September 2000, the Husam society catering for prisoners said.