Muslim Brotherhood in Syria Condemns UN Envoy Remarks On Idlib

The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria followed with astonishment the statements of the UN special envoy to Syria, Stephane de Mistura, regarding Idlib, where he said "there are thousands of terrorists

Syrian City Duma Demolished with Iranian, Russian Participation Amid Western Silence

Not for a single day did Assad’s air force stop or pause its bombing of civilians in all parts of Syria – with excessive brutality and in a deliberate indiscriminate

Gamal Heshmat: Muslim Brotherhood Against Iran Expansionism

Leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood Gamal Heshmat explains the group's position vis-à-vis Iranian expansionist project.

FJP’s Heshmat: Iran’s New President Must Not Support Assad Against Unarmed Syrian People

FJP leader Heshmat urges Iran’s newly elected President Rohani to stop Iranian involvement in Assad’s massacres of the Syrian people.

Katatni: Freedom and Justice Party Has Prepared Ambitious, Workable Electoral Platform

FJP chief Katatni announces a powerful and practical program for action, for a strong and efficient government, should the FJP win a parliamentary majority in forthcoming elections.

Katatni: FJP is Ready for Legislative Elections; Opposition Fears Popular Will

The Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the FJP, is already all-set for forthcoming House of Representatives elections, which the opposition is desperately trying to avoid.

Hussein Ibrahim: Egypt’s National Security and Sunni Doctrine Red Line

FJP leader Ibrahim assures doubters that Iranian Shiite tourists are no danger to Egypt or its people.

Egypt – Iran Cooperation Council Kicks Off with Railway Restructuring Project

New Egypt-Iran Cooperation Council starts work on various projects in Egypt, including a complete food-manufacturing city and a comprehensive railway restructuring initiative.

Katatni: Arab Spring Revolutions Very Different from Iranian Revolution

Contradicting recent Iranian media reports, the Freedom and Justice Party chief Katatni reaffirms that he did not meet with Ali Larijani in the Sudan.

Ghozlan: Talk of Relations between Muslim Brotherhood and Iran Sheer Fantasy, Outright Lies

It seems there is no end to the series of crises dark forces throw in the path of Egypt’s revolution and Egyptians trying to complete ongoing democratic transformation – the