Iraq War


News media in post-Saddam Iraq face challenges

The U.S. government pumped an estimated half a billion dollars into revitalizing Iraq's news media after Saddam Hussein was ousted in 2003.

The Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and Iran

The Muslim Brotherhood seeks unity between Muslims calling for justice, civil society and a free and fair political arena.

We’re Gonna Change Mosques into Cathedrals

In a speech billed as a discussion of the Bush and Obama eras, New Yorker journalist Seymour Hersh delivered a rambling, conspiracy-laden diatribe here Monday expressing his disappointment with President

WikiLeaks’ Most Terrifying Revelation: Just How Much Our Government Lies to Us

"Try as I may I can not escape the sound of suffering. Perhaps as an old man I will accept suffering with insouciance. But not now; men in their prime,

The Use of Torture – WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks is releasing a great deal of information, including cables about torture, verifying the well-founded suspicions of many people. But unless something is done, the efforts of the Wiki-leakers will

Julian Assange – the Hero of WikiLeaks

Back in 2006, Daniel Ellsberg, the famous whistle-blower of the Vietnam War, received an unsolicited e-mail that had a return address - "WikiLeaks." Thus, a new era in world politics

Farewell to Afghanistan

Sama Adnan considers the crippling impact of the US intervention in Afghanistan on the American economy and society, highlighting among other things that while President Obama has cut federal salaries

MB chairman:“Our Reformist Work Continues”

Dr. Mohamed Badie, chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), stressed in his weekly letter that the work for reform continues, saying: “The love of the homeland is greater than the

Is Julian Assange Europe’s Nelson Mandela?

Christopher King urges everyone who cares about justice and the truth to stand by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange with donations to help him defend himself against politically-motivated, vexatious prosecution by

WikiLeaks and the wicked disinformers

Paul J. Balles debunks false arguments of “national security” expounded by the likes of Charles Krauthammer of the Washington Post to bludgeon the whistleblower website WikiLeaks and argues that, rather