Muslim Brotherhood Mourns Young Egyptian Ihab Mohannad

The Muslim Brotherhood mourns with great sadness and sorrow the death of the young Egyptian Mohannad Ihab, who passed away aged only 20, after a long battle with leukemia, which

Libya’s Sowan Meets British Ambassador, Delegation to Discuss Political Situation

Mohamed Sowan, Libya's Justice & Construction Party leader, meets with the British Ambassador and an accompanying delegation, and affirms that all parties must commit to the political agreement.

Muslim Brotherhood: Revolution Brings Us Together

Over the past three years, Egyptian patriots have not spared any effort, and did not and will not hesitate or pause, in the quest to defeat the treasonous military coup,

Muslim Brotherhood Press Release: Fallujah, Genocide of Sunnis in Iraq

Now Fallujah, after Aleppo… Genocide. Brutal and merciless, it does not leave out the young, the old, the disabled, or the sick. After a siege that lasted for two years,

Press Release: Egyptian Revolutionary Council Underlines Unity in All Liberty Squares

Maha Azzam, Head of the Egyptian Revolutionary Council, exhorts all patriotic citizens and anti-coup political groups to close ranks and unite in the face of the fascist junta.

PRESS RELEASE: High Court Order Opens Door for Potential Prosecution of Egyptian Cabinet Members

The Crown Prosecution Service has agreed to an Order, sealed at the High Court in London on 26 November 2014, making the potential for prosecution of members of the Egyptian

Pro-Democracy Alliance Presser on Situation in Egypt on Eve of Huge Revolutionary Protest Week

A press release by the wide-based coalition of anti-coup groups and politicians warns army and police forces against using violence or spilling more blood.

Statement by Beltagy’s Family Criticizes Fact-Finding Committee Report

The family of Asmaa Beltagy, killed in Rabaa massacre by coup security forces, issues a statement denouncing false report of the junta's fact-finding

Motiur Rahman Nizami – on the Path of Martyrdom

A great leader and national symbol of patriotism and integrity is sentenced to death in Bangladesh, a victim of the blind revenge by the ruling regime rampaging through the country.

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls ‘The Junta Sells The Sinai’ Week of Revolutionary Protests

In a statement, the Anti-Coup National Alliance calls Egyptians for powerful revolutionary protests in a 'The Junta Sells The Sinai' week.