No such thing as justice in the Holy Land, Palestinian Church leaders tell the Irish

Stuart Littlewood views a recent tour of the Republic of Ireland by a delegation of Church leaders from Palestine during which they described in meetings with Irish politicians the situation

Ireland expels Israeli diplomat

The Irish government on Tuesday announced that it asked Israel to recall one of its diplomats in Dublin over the usage of Irish passports in the assassination of Hamas leader

Terror Attacks Decrease in Europe

We did a piece on the statistics of European terrorism quite some time ago, and now more evidence that “terror” from Muslims in Europe is an overblown threat.

Ireland to expel Israeli diplomat for involvement in Mabhouh assassination

The London Times reported on Wednesday that the security attaché in the Israeli embassy in Ireland will be expelled because of a scandal involving counterfeit passports used in the assassination

Ireland asks Israel not to intercept aid ship Rachel Corrie

The Irish government has asked the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) not to intercept the Irish ship "Rachel Corrie" while en route to Gaza Strip with badly needed medical and relief

Radwan calls for Israel’s trial

Ismail Radwan, a Hamas leader in the Gaza Strip, said on Thursday that his movement, from the outset, had no doubt that the Mossad were behind the assassination of Mahmoud